Teens Strength and Conditioning

The Future Of Fitness

The Benefits of Strength and Conditioning

  • Develop weightlifting fundamentals
  • Increase body awareness and explosiveness
  • Learn how to safely lift weight
  • Increase cardiorespiratory fitness
  • Offseason training for sports and injury prevention
  • Have fun while working out

Youth Fitness brings all the physical and mental health benefits of exercise to our future. Many of us have thought "I wish I started when I was a kid", and this program makes that a reality for the next generation. This class is based off of the CrossFit Kids Course principles of fun, focus on quality of movement, and constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. Every class is fun, it has to be to make this a lifelong habit, and every class puts the highest importance on moving well before moving fast or heavy. We meet our young athletes where they are at and make them better individually while in a group setting.





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Teens Strength and Conditioning Staff

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