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The importance of nutrition for health and performance cannot be overstated. Food provides us with the proper fuel and resources to recover from bouts of exercise. Without a proper nutrition plan, we are operating at a fraction of our capacity and will blunt our performance gains.

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The Recovery of Exercise

Exercise is a stress-adaptation model, which means that the health and performance benefits of exercise are generated through the recovery process that occurs after training. Your training session stresses the body, breaking it down by damaging muscles and exhausting them of energy and nutrients and fatiguing the nervous system...


Every Member With A Story

My wife and I have been members at CrossFit X-Factor for 10 years now. The coaching staff is knowledgable, caring, and takes the time to meet you where you’re at. They have the expertise to scale any of the workouts to meet your needs and also to help with your movement patterns. We have met some of our best friends there. Many of our kids hang out and are growing up together. It is a warm environment, the workouts are effective, and the coaching is superb. I could’t imagine going to another gym.

Tim Manuel

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